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Count on Q2 Solutions to handle your business accounting function so you can focus your time, resources, and energy on the things that make your


Comprehensive Accounting:

  • Monthly / quarterly financial statements
  • Detailed monthly sales and disbursement ledger
  • Internal accounting reports
  • Monthly and quarterly tax reports

Call, fax or email your company’s hours and one of our payroll specialists will be there to help you!

  • Quarterly Payroll taxes, filed electronically
  • Direct Deposits or Paper Checks
  • Electronic Payment of Payroll taxes available
  • New Hire Reporting

Payroll Services

Business & Personal Financial Statements​

Certified Public Accountants can also prepare financial statements for businesses and individuals which can be presented on three different levels.

CPA’s can prepare (1) “Preparation” only or unsigned Financial Statements, or (2) “Compilation” financial Statements or (3) “Review” level financial statements. The Review level requires much more analysis work of a company’s financial records.

We perform Preparation, Compilation and Review financial statements for many types of organizations including partnerships, sole proprietorships, non-profits, governmental entities such as fire departments, condominium associations and a variety of commercial businesses.

Which level of service you need will depend on your particular requirements or requests from bankers or investors.

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The highest level of service a Certified Public Accountant offers is Auditing. Many people around the World, including banks, vendors, the SEC and creditors, etc. depend on the independent CPA to perform an honest, ethical and objective audit of an organization issuing what is know as the Auditor’s Report.

An “Audit” is not just an analysis of the balance sheet and income statement balances… but involves a complete analysis of an organization’s internal controls and record keeping systems.

We perform audits of many types of organizations including non-profits, governmental, condominium associations and a variety of commercial businesses.


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